Monday, April 11, 2011

Never Grow Up

She still amazes me. My youngest daughter is about to turn seventeen and she still amazes me because she almost adamantly refuses to grow up. Last week, she was walking into one of the outlet malls at the beach with my wife and me and she begins to wave towards the parking lot. Thinking she had seen someone we know, we asked who she was waving to. She replied, "The flag," as she pointed up to Old Glory flapping in the stiff breeze. She continued to say, "It was waving, so I decided to wave back." My wife and I burst out in laughter because that's what we do, we marvel at her simplistic outlook of everything. Most of the time, she possesses this type of happy-go-lucky attitude and does not let the world bring her down. Why can't we all be more like that? Why can't I?

I wonder what kind of life I would live if I just took the time to enjoy life and see the world through a different set of lens rather that the practical ones that I usually sport. I venture to say that I probably would not have to take the same amount of medications that I do now to keep my blood pressure in check.

All to often, as we grow up, we begin to think we have to think like an adult, put away all the fanciful notions and the awe and mystery that is present in life itself. We have to be rational and serious minded. But, if memory serves me, I believe Jesus said that only those who approach with a child-like faith will ever be able to accept the wonders of God's Kingdom (paraphrased). Maybe Jesus knows that the sensation of the Kingdom of God is far too perplexing for any type of rational thinking. Think about that, can anyone really explain grace - why God loves us unconditionally? It doesn't make sense. Maybe we just need to accept it and stop analyzing it. Children rarely question love - they just accept it.

I think I need to go wave back at a flag. I will probably get stared at, but, what the heck - I may start rediscovering that child-like faith.


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